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The Southwest Soaring Museum, Inc. (SWSM) is devoted to preserving the history of soaring in the western United States.  To that end, we have a number of historical sailplanes, including:

Motorglider (10497 bytes) The museum's Hummingbird motorglider

  • Zoegling primary glider replica of Dr. Alexander Lippich's first production machine of 1924 vintage.
  • TG-1 Cinema and TG-4A Laister/Kauffmann, wartime training gliders built in 1942
  • KA-4, a Schleicher two-place training glider built in 1953
  • Hummingbird motorglider designed and built by Ted Nelson and associates in 1954
  • KA-6, a Schleicher glider built in 1958
  • Scanlon SG-1A pod and boom-type glider built in 1971
  • MSK Special, motorglider project designed by Mike Kensrue
  • B-10 flying wing, motorglider designed by Don Mitchell in approximately 1970
  • Click here for a detailed listing of the collection

Mural detail  (16483 bytes) Detail of museum mural depicting the history of flight

The history of man's desire to fly is depicted in a 24-foot-long mural painted for the museum by Scott Kuykendall, a well known New Mexico artist.  Highlights of the history of soaring are depicted in the museum's photograph collection.

In addition, the Southwest Soaring Museum is the home of a collection of 96 miniature scale (1:50) models of historically important gliders built by Fernanda Rueda of Houston, Texas.